Research & Development

  • Functional analysis and architecture design.
  • Feasibility studies and implementation of PoCs (proof of concepts) and Prototypes.
  • Development of complete (Yocto based) Embedded Linux Platforms.
  • Development of kernel drivers and system level components.
  • Development of sequential and parallel algorithms from mathematical models (CPU and GPU).
  • Compliance with domain specific guidelines (MISRA/C, etc.).

Consulting and Engineering

  • Re-architecture, re-implementation, upgrade of existing applications.
  • Re-factoring of legacy codebase (speed, size, reliability, scalability, security).
  • Application acceleration.
  • Speed improvements and parallelisation of existing algorithms (CUDA/C, OpenCL).
  • Porting to Linux and *BSD.
  • Porting to modern C/C++.
  • Desktop and server applications.


Artumia is a Software Engineering company specialised in the design and development of software solutions for the Embedded Systems sector.

Artumia count with a group of engineers with more than 18 years of experience working in very challenging and "hostile" environments, with skill sets covering the broad range from small sensors to powerful telecommunication systems and parallel computing architectures.

Given that we use the same techniques, procedures and standards from the embedded world to create solutions for other domains it became natural for companies from other areas, concerned about speed, scalability, security and robustness, to rely in our expertise to design and build their systems. Companies from disparate sectors such as Fintechs and other Financial Institutions are among them.

Our knowledge of "what lies beneath" allow us to create very efficient and performant code and to improve already existing software without requiring hardware upgrades.

About Us


IoT router

JIT Compiler for Broadband Access Gateways: Transforming the Home Router into an IoT/Domotics Controller

Requested by a telecommunications opeator we designed and implemented a JIT (Just-in-Time) Java compiler for a MIPS32 based broadband access gateway. The compiler enabled the home router to be enhanced with IoT capabilities becoming the first commercially available access gateway that can be used as a user extensible home automation controller.
Even though the router is very limited in terms of CPU speed and memory space the compilation process is extremely fast and it accelerates the system from 4x to 10x when compared with the original JVM.

App enabled MSAN

App enabled MSAN (Multi Service Access Node)

For a telecommunications equipment company we created a prototype MSAN to demonstrate how technologies used in data centres and the mobile industry can be successfully applied to automatically deploy network services. These services are instantiated on demand by the end-user from the home router. Dynamic routes are automatically created to connect the home access gateway to service providers through SDN (software defined networks).

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